Care & Cleaning

Sterling silver naturally changes color (oxidizes) over time. To prevent this from occurring too quickly, when not being worn, you can protect your jewelry in a sealed, air tight plastic bag. From time to time you may gently polish your pieces with a soft jeweler's cloth or cotton denim rag, to restore a brighter finish. Matte and patina finishes need only a light, gentle rub to restore them back to their original look. Please keep in mind abrasive cloths or cleaning agents may mar the surface of the metal and are not recommended.

The vintage German glass beads that I use, are 24k gold plating over platinum. These beads can be given a light polish over time, by gently rubbing them with a soft cotton cloth. Rubbing too hard can cause the plating to wear off, exposing the platinum underneath. It's best to let them age with time, as the natural weathering of these beads only adds to their story and lovely characteristics.

love, wear & tear

The jewelry I make is made to be worn, loved and last a lifetime. In order to help you achieve this, it's best if you remove your jewelry when sleeping, bathing, swimming and washing your hands. To prevent pieces with chain elements from tangling, I recommend storing them separately from one another in a storage bag.