It's My Kind of Town! Carmel/Big Sur Roots, Revisted.

photo copyIn just a few days I will be catching a plane to Mexico City and since summer is almost upon us, maybe some of you are about to travel too! Here are some snapshots of one of my favorite areas in the world, Carmel and of course, Big Sur! Earlier in the year we had a few weekend adventures southbound to honor both the loss of a beloved and dear longtime family friend and to celebrate the release of a poetry book by someone else I have known for many years. IMG_0777

As a child in the seventies, our mother would take us "down the coast" all of the time to visit my Great Aunt in Lucia and to "see the sights". River Inn and Nepenthe were among the usual stops en route to our destination after pit stops in Carmel, her dream place to live. Stories of her youth, tales of the notable artists and poets who spent time in the region, nature walks and journal writing would help us pass the time.  Eventually, when I was 10, my Mom got her wish and we relocated there. It was a rocky life back then in Carmel, and often a struggle, but the 10 years I spent living along that comforting and familiar coast line, be it Carmel, Carmel Valley, New Monterey or Pacific Grove (I moved about 10 times in 10 years!) made a huge imprint on me and the area became my sanctuary. When things were difficult, I would get on my bike, ride to the beach and look to nature for solace. Being away from it for so many years sort of made me forget this feeling and fortunately, my life is not as difficult as it was back then. As we walked around my familiar stomping grounds, all of those memories and feelings came flooding back and brought me "home" again. This place, I thought at the time, is a part of me and will be forever.

The beauty of the Monterey Peninsula, Carmel and the Big Sure Coast has to be seen and experienced to truly get a sense of what a magical place it is. If you only have a weekend, it's definitely worth the trip.

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Back at the Bench and A Long Awaited Announcement!

Hello! It's been far too long since my last post but I wanted to take a moment to fill you all in on some wonderful news! Lately there have been some exciting things happening around my workshop...


The biggest news is that two of my pieces were selected as a part of a group show that will hold exhibitions in both Mexico City (HUGE!) and here in lovely San Francisco. This exhibit, curated by both Velvet da Vinci Gallery and the Museo Franz Mayer, will be addressing the theme, La Frontera, or The Border, which will include a curated collection of jewelry from international artists and their thoughts regarding the US/Mexico border. The collection will start in Mexico City in early June, run for a month and then come back to San Francisco where it will be on display at Velvet da Vinci in August. I will update and post when we get closer to those dates, I just couldn't hold out on my good news any longer.

I feel privileged to be included, am back at the bench, have a new student, some amazing new tools and am very excited about a series in the works.

Thank you for all of your well wishes and support, the sun is shining, it's finally spring and all feels good!